AZTEC 12'6"

Width: 29 3/5"
Depth: 7 1/2"
Volume: 290L
Weight: 35 Lbs.
Weight Capacity: 240 Lbs.



I love it.  It is the best board I have ever tried.  I'm not super experienced, but I got tired of the clunky rentals at the beach.  I tried a racing board once and liked it a lot, but it was too narrow to be an all arounder....beach, lake, multiple paddlers.  So I found a demo opportunity locally.  My son and I tried a couple of boards and this was the most versatile for the both of us.  I'm 5'5", 125 pounds.  He's at least 6 foot, 180...and we are both so happy.  We went halvsies..honestly never had a piece of sporting or rec equipment this nice in my entire life.  Its smooth, stable, tracks nicely....and is super easy to paddle.  I actually feel like I'm moving....which doesn't always happen on paddle boards.  And its beautiful.